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Part/Section of Title 30 CFR: 56.17001 Date: 01/29/2015 Negligence: Low District: SE

Condition or Practice:
Illumination was not sufficient in the truck silo elevator and the clinker silo elevator each elevator had only one light functioning. If the one light went out the elevator operator would not have the safe working illuminations conditions required to see what controls to operate or use emergency equipment if...

Action to Terminate:
none given

Part/Section of Title 30 CFR: 56.12007 Date: 01/09/2015 Negligence: Moderate District: NC

Condition or Practice:
The extension cord plugged into the receptacle junction box showed signs of burns on the female end of the plug indicating it was being unplugged from the mobile equipment heater plug when it was still under load. The Cat 966 loader is usually plugged into the cord overnight and then...

Action to Terminate:
Inspector said mine operator must turn off power to the outlet before plugging in or unplugging the extension cord. This...

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