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This site is dedicated to achieving highly effective safety programs. Its core function is to provide a forum where safety professionals can share and discuss current MSHA actions.


  • To keep members aware of the latest MSHA actions.
  • To provide the safest workplace possible through cost effective compliance.
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This site is free and open for all to visit, however we restrict submissions to members of supporting associations listed in the masthead. All comments will be monitored for content. We encourage members to submit citations of high interest. Those might include unusual and challenging citations to citations which might indicate a new MSHA initiative. Citations that assess high penalties as well as citations for conditions not cited before would also be of interest.


Part/Section of Title 30 CFR: 56.12018 Date: 05/21/2015 Negligence: Moderate District:

Condition or Practice:
The breakers were not labeled in the panel located in the gravel plant control room. Employees working around this area were exposed to the possibility of injury by not being able to identify which switch to lock out to work on equipment or circuits, or deactivate in case of an...

Action to Terminate:
The mine operator had the breakers labeled to identify what they controlled.

Part/Section of Title 30 CFR: 56.12008 Date: 05/21/2015 Negligence: Moderate District:

Condition or Practice:
The cables entering and exiting the 2NS stacker disconnect and starter metal enclosures were not passing through a proper fittings. The cables were not provided with strain relief that would prevent them from being pulled out of the box. Should the cable become pulled loose the exposed conductors may come...

Action to Terminate:
The mine operator had the cables clamped inside of the enclosure, providing strain relief.

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